We can make all types of recyclable packaging with single PP or PE material by digital printing or gravure printing.  And our customers are satisfy wiht our products.

Recyclable Pouch

What is Single Material Packaging?

Single material of flexible packaging mainly refers to a single polyolefin material, and the weight ratio of a single polypropylene (PP) or a single polyethylene (PE) material exceeds 90%. Barrier components such as SiOx, AlOx, aluminum plating, EVOH are allowed to contain up to 5% by weight.

Benefits of Recyclable Packaging

The benefits of using recyclable packaging are considerable as they save raw materials, manufacturing energy, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Having the ability to recycle packaging has also allowed our society to create economic activity and new industrial infrastructure around it.

What material can we do for recycling pouch?

We normally use single PP or PE to make recycling pouches.  And we could print both by digital printing or rotogravure printing. 

For PE pouch, our material structure can be PE/PE or PE/EVOH/PE. Thickness can be customized based on your needs. 

For PP pouch, we would use OPP/VMBOPP/CPP to make recyclable PP pouch. 

Pouch Types of Recyclable Pouch

We  can make almost all types of recyclable pouces such as spout pouch, stand up zipper pouch, flat bottom pouch, quad seal pouch, and flat pouch.

recycling PE spout pouch

Spout Pouch

We can make both corner and center spout pouch.

Recycling stand up pouch

Stand up Pouch

We can add different kinds of zippers and valve on recyclable stand up pouch.

Flat Bottom Pouch

Like stand up pouche, we can add different kinds of zippers and valve on flat bottom pouch.

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