We  are leading supplier to offer compostable flexible packaging by digital printing and gravure printing.

We can make different types of compostable pouches.

Kexin Packaging

What is compostable packaging?

Compostable packaging is made of some kind of organic matter that can break down. There are multiple types of compostable packaging materials, from traditional cardboard and paper to bioplastics. Some packaging can be composted at home, but some has to be composted industrially.

Benefits of compostable Packaging

-Helps divert organic waste from landfill
-Reduces greenhouse gas emissions from       organics
-Made from plant-based, renewable materials
-Reduces dependency on fossil fuels
-Can be recycled into nutrient-rich compost

White krfat compostable bags
Kraft paper compostabel packaging

Compostable packaging is the future.

Compostable packaging is the future of the food service industry, whether it be for convenience, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, to improve soil health or to fight plastic pollution.

Our Compostable Package

Material Structure

Kraft Paper/PLA,  Kraft Paper/VMPLA/PLA, NK/PLA, NK/PBA

Bags Type

Flat Pouch, Stand up Zipper Pouch, Quad Seal Pouch, Flat Bottom Pouch

Printing Method

Digital  Printing & Gravure Printing

Minium Order Qty

Digital Printing is no MOQ, Gravure Printing is 5000pcs

Kraft Paper Colors

Yellow, White, Black

Other Features

PLA zipper, PLA degassing valve, hot foil stamping, handle hole, and etc.

Lead Time

7-10 working days for digital printing,  15-20 working days for gravure printing

Our Compostable Certificates

OK Compostable

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