Supplement Packaging

Consumers today are increasingly focused on health and wellbeing, driving up the demand for nutritional supplements.  Interest in supplement packaging for vitamins, botanicals, proteins and other dietary needs is growing as a result.

Packaging Solutions

As more companies enter into the growing market, the need for high-quality, affordable packaging continues to grow. 

Material Choice

You could choose foil to keep a good barrier

Bag Shapes

Flat pouch, stand up pouch, flat bottom pouch, roll film.


You could add zipper, pocket zipper, handle hole, UV color.

customize supplement packaging

Types of Packaging

For daily easy-carring of supplement such as vitamin tablet, flat pouch is a good choice

This type is most popular of supplement package choice, such as protein powder, vitamin tablet. It could stand on shelf. A good stand up pouch can help you sell more.

With maximum volume, we could use this type for supplement. We can add zipper, pocket zippers for resuing and keep good condition.

This type is suitable for inner small bag of supplement powder, energy bar for your Auto-packing machines. It is easy to use.

Enjoy Your Package