Snack Food Packaging

The global snack market is very huge. People love to eat snacks on the go. And you need to make sure your snack food  packaging catches their attention and encourages them to buy your snack product over all the competitors.

Packaging Solutions

You need a trustworthy  flexiable package company to bring your snack product to life. KX Package offers custom snack food packaging in many sizes and shapes. It’s one of our best-selling products!

Material Choices

You could use material like clear, foil, kraft paper. All material could keep a good barrier for your products.

Bag Shapes

Flat pouches, back seal pouches, stand pouches, flat bottom pouches, shaped pouches, roll film.


You can add zipper, pocket zipper, hange hole, window, gold foil stamping, UV performance.

Types of Packaging

3 side seal pouches are a fantastic choice when you do not need the product to sit on a shelf.  Candy, nuts are just a few examples where this would be a viable configuration.You can use hange hole, zipper and clear window.

One of our customer’s most popular bag  is the stand up pouch  The name says it all, as these bags are outfitted with a bottom gusset, that when deployed, allows the pouch to “stand up” on a shelf in a store.

This type is used a lot for  chips, salty treats, candy packages. You could add a side gusset to enlarge the volume.

With maximum volume, we could use this type for outer pack of jerky, nuts, cookies. We can add zipper, pocket zippers for resuing and keep good condition.

If you only want pack only one pcs of candy, chocolate, few cookies for innder bag, you could just choose it for your Auto-packing machine.

Enjoy Your Package