Pet Food

Pet Food Packaging

People are crazy about their pets, and this has caused the pet foods market to skyrocket. This increase in the desire for high quality food and treats for animals means that custom design is one of the pet food packaging trends to compete for customers along so many pet food brands. 

Packaging Solutions

The competition is fierce. But when thinking about  pet food packaging, maintaining margins and having excellent quality need not be mutually exclusive. 

Material Choice

From Clear to foil material, even recyclable material to keep a good performance of products.

Bag Shapes

Flat pouch, stand up pouch, quad seal pouch, flat bottom pouch, roll film are all suitable.


You could add zipper, pocket zipper, handle hole, hange hole, and UV colors.

Shapes of Packaging

This is  type used a lot for pet snack such as jerky, cookies, dry fish, etc. It is easy-carrying. We can use both digital printing and gravure printing

This type is a commocial choice with suitable price and good volum. and could stand on the shelf. We could add window to show your products.

This gusseted bag is a popular coffee and tea package choice due to extra real estate for branding. Gusseted sides provide room for more pet food and sits great on a shelf just like our other stand up coffee pouches. 

With maximum volume, we could use this type for outer pack of pet food. We can add degassing valve, zipper, pocket zippers for resuing and keep good condition.

For daily use small pet snack bar, roll film is a good choice for Auto-Packing machines, easy-use.

Enjoy Your Package