Daily Necessities

Daily Necessities Packaging

Besides Food industry, necessities is another big market all over the world. You need a competive packaging as consumer buy via eyes.

Packaging Solutions

A suitable and fresh package could help your products to stand out on the shelf. 

Material Choices

You could use material from clear to foil with good barrier.

Bag Shapes

Flat pouches, stand up pouches, quad seal pouches.


You could add zipper, child-proof zipper, spout, hange hole, etc.

Shapes of Packaging

This type is used a lot for face facial mask pouch, clothes bag, digitals bag, toy, etc. It is easily using and carrying.

Since it can stand on shelf, products like liquid shampoo, chemistric, baby necessities choose it. You could add zipper, child-proof zipper, spout.

You could use it for larger volum, and also can be used convenient, like Wet wipes,Diapers ,toliet paper, etc.

Enjoy Your Package