Coffee Packaging

Help your pouches stand out on shelf with a premium sensory experience of vibrant colors and textured films that serve as a sneak peak of the high quality coffee product inside.

Packaging Solutions

Based on your different needs of coffee packaging, there are a range of packaging options , in the ever-developing world of selling coffee. 

Material Choices

From long shelf life materials to Compostable kraft/PLA material.

Pouch Shapes

Square Bottom, Flat Bottom, Quad Seal, Stand Up Pouches, flat pouches.


Degassing valves, tamper evident properties, tin-ties, zippers, pocket zippers.

Shapes of Packaging

This type is suitable for packaging of Ear-hanging coffee. It is convenient to open and use.  And if you have multiple skus, we can also use digital printing to reduce cost.

This type is a commocial choice with suitable price and good volum. and could stand on the shelf. we could add valve, zipper, pocket zipper for resuing.

This gusseted bag is a popular choice due to extra real estate for branding. Gusseted sides provide room for more coffee and sits great on a shelf just like our other stand up coffee pouches.

With maximum volume, we could use this type for coffee bean or powder. We can add degassing valve, tine tie, zipper, pocket zippers for reusing and keep good condition.

It is suitable for inner small coffee  powder bar. We normally use Al foil or vmpet to make, as  barrier is pefect.

We normally use Kraft paper/PLA to make compostable coffee bag, we also could add PLA zipper and degassing valve. All can be 100% compostable.