Beverage Packaging

Beverage is another large market compare with foods. We could make  pouch to fill liquid. Or if your already have bottle for it, we could also offer you a nice label and help you to sale more products as consumers shop by eyes firstly.

Packaging Solutions

Pouches need a beautiful surface as well as good barrier if need fill with liquid. 

Material Choices

Pouch need strong barrier clear or foil, and good seal material. Label could use normal or shrink film such as PET, PVC

Bag Shapes

Spout pouches, label


We could use center or corner spouts with different colors like white, black, red. We can also add a handle hole for easily carry.

Shapes of Packaging

Ready-to-drink is one of the most important usage of spout pouch, and it is easy to carry. we have good barrier material, and we can also make recyclable pouch.

Bottles need a nice label to grow the sales. We can make shrink label both by digital or gravure printing.

Enjoy Your Package